Do I actually own the property?

Yes of course you do. We simply use our expertise to source the best possible property on your behalf.

Can I visit my properties
Yes of course you can. However if the property were tenanted at the time an appointment would have to be made with the tenant.
Can I see copies of MRA’s Service Agreement and Property Management Agreement forms?
Yes of course you can. However first we ask that you register as an investor with us by completing the form HERE. This is to ensure that you are a serious investor. If you are already registered please just drop us an e mail or use the contact panel opposite. 
What If I decide that I want my money back?
 If a property has not been purchased your money will of course be immediately returned in full. However if a transaction is underway, Solicitor’s fees plus an MRA administration charge may be incurred. If a property has been purchased then it can be sold in the normal way through an Estate Agent or we may be in a position to buy the property from you on behalf of another investor.     
How does MRA Property Investments make its money?
 We charge a fee for our services which is included in the package price. We also make a profit from the refurbishment costs and from our management fees. 
After the transfer of funds do I have to do anything?
 No. Other than signing and returning necessary paperwork we will handle the entire process of buying, refurbishing, letting and managing the property on your behalf.
Are there any other expenses to consider?
Yes. It is important to remember that you are purchasing a property which is liable to deteriorate over time just as your own home is. It is therefore advisable to keep some of your income aside to cover any maintenance issues which will arise in the future. We can advise you about this and will provide quotations when maintenance is required in the future. Also the first year’s insurance cover is included in your initial investment however subsequent year’s premiums will have to be paid for as well as an annual gas safety inspection currently costing £99 + VAT.      
Everything sounds great, is there any downside to consider?
MRA Property Investments does not offer a get rich quick scheme. Investment in property does not provide a 100% guarantee of success and as we all know the value of property in the short term can fluctuate down as well as up. Periods of time when your property remains untenanted are also possible and even if you have a tenant it is possible that arrears accrue if they stop paying you the rent. However the long-term trend for property values is consistently up and the yields provided outweigh any void periods that can occur. Considered as a medium to long-term investment our service provides an easy way into property investment that provides an excellent return in today’s financial climate.